Paris, je t’aime

From Agnès Varda's "Cleo 5 à 7."

Today, order because I am missing Paris, find I watched a bit of one of my favorite movies, Cleo 5 à 7, by the only female director of the French nouvelle vague, Agnès Varda. Shot in black-and-white in 1962 on a very low budget, part of its charm comes from the coincidental encounters and serendipitous moments that happen when shooting on the fly in a big city. (The mounted police passing by in the mirror behind Cleo while she tries on hats, for example.) Cleo’s wardrobe and her diva antics, the music, the old fashioned Parisian street scenes, the noisy cafes….Agnès Varda is one of my guiding lights.

The first 18 minutes are found through the link. You’ll see what I mean.