Dream Sequence

A Polaroid by Andrei Tarkovsky, taken at his country house in Myasnoye, Russia.

Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky‘s sublime Polaroids are as dreamy as his films. A few years ago a small book of Tarkovsky’s photographs, Instant Light, came out, to much acclaim. Now two blogs have posted a selection of the best of those images, found here and here. These include misty shots the filmmaker snapped at his country house in Myasnoye, in Russia, evocative portraits of his wife, Larissa, in their apartment in Moscow, and those taken while in Italy, all from the years 1979 through 1984.

The best will transport you like that watery sequences of Solaris. And, if you haven’t watched that film’s ending scene in a while, give it six minutes, below.

Thanks to Barry for pointing this out!

Another Polaroid by Tarkovsky.

Tarkovsky's wife, Larissa, at their country home.