Le pyjama de plage

Beach pajamas in Monte Carlo, as seen on an early 1930s post card.

Le pyjama de plage of the early 1930s—beach pajamas—were worn by all the best dressed women vacationing in Monte Carlo and in Cannes, started a slow, chic movement towards casual dressing in public. (To me, their backless sun tops were just as bold.) Already, since the early 1920s, Chanel and Vionnet, had promoted silky, luxe pajamas as evening wear to wear in private, though only the truly daring would forgo a formal gown in favor of wearing pants. Yet, in those days, the liberation of loungewear, moving freely, with a cross-dressing hint of naughtiness, had plenty of allure. The look, “flattered some women’s taste for emancipation,” as one critic sniffed.

Into the 1940s, however, seeing a Parisienne wearing pants on the street was still shocking. The contrast between what was acceptable in the city and at the seaside was severe. Just look at the sexy, laid-back pyjama de plage. For more, click through the link. Can you believe there’s a blog dedicated to French beach pajamas? I love it.

Nautical beach pajamas. Love it.

Le pyjama de plage, worn with backless sun tops.