Glamour shots

The book! On my desk this morning. More photos after the jump....can you see the tiny trapeze lady on the binding?

It’s a little embarrassing, but I just posted these photos on the amazon page for Encyclopedia. I couldn’t resist! All were shot this morning on the author’s very own desk, alongside a pretty jelly jar of just-fading violet hydrangeas from our neighbor Rada’s garden. All along, my editor Nan Talese insisted that this book had to live up to its name. With the beautiful illustrations, its deckle edge pages, the foil embossed cover and the golden arabesques hiding beneath on the hardback, I think we’re in the zone.

If you think the book is as pretty as I do, please be my guest and do whatever you want with these pictures.

Under its cover the book is just as pretty, embossed with golden curlicues.

The deckle edges make it look so elegant.