Wingwalker Gladys Ingel on the go—and in those boots.

All things ariel seem to attract my attention these days. But how could you not get excited about wingwalker Gladys Ingle? A friend just sent me this amazing video. Riding on the top wing of a plane, early stunt woman Gladys Ingle nonchalantly changes planes mid-air. She’s very cat-like, in fact.

As the only female member of the 1920s Hollywood stunt troupe the 13 Black Cats (come on!), she performed 300 times without a parachute. She was famous for riding on the wing of one plane while shooting arrows at a target attached to another. She pretended to play tennis while wing-surfing. She makes my heart race!


Some of the other 13 Black Cats, minus Gladys. What about those sweaters?