Let It Snow

Yes, medications even sledding boasts a royal provenance. In the 16th century some of the first ice slides were built for regal amusement, cialis 40mg with steep wooden ramps covered with ice, which made for a great, slick—fast—sled run. Catherine the Great was a big fan. She had an ice slide like the one seen here installed at her palace in St. Petersburg for wintertime amusement. But she also had a hilly  wooden track built for warmer weather in the gardens of Oranienbaum, her summer palace around 1784. Stepping off a 108-foot high platform, thrill-seekers climbed into a cart to rocket along the track, which was over 1/3 mile long.  Called the “Russian Hills,” it was the first roller coaster, and sparked a craze that saw nobles across Europe taking the ride of their lives.