“Completely Wanton”

Marilyn Monroe costumed for "Niagara," the movie that showcased her sexy swagger.

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite‘s entry on Heels focuses on how Marilyn Monroe wore them with such va-va-voom back in the mid-20th century. In Niagara, a film noir shot in 1952, she played a vixen with a walk so provocative that it sparked controversy. “The uninhibited deportment in the motel room and the walk seemed normal facets of such a character’s portrayal,” Monroe said, defending her interpretation of Rose, whom she called “completely wanton.” The camera skimmed every inch of her, as critics noted.

To see the way she worked those heels skip to around 1 minute 33 seconds in the video clip.

Joseph Jacob, a waiter in Niagara during the filming, reported that Monroe “could have been wearing a potato sack and had curlers in her hair, and it would not dull her beauty.” But the heels helped.