Ce Moment

"Ce Moment," in lucite, by artist Lisa Benson.

My great friend Lisa Benson (a New Zealand artist) gave me one of her recent works—a small transparent red lucite card, like a thick credit card, with the words “CE MOMENT” cut out. She likes to hand them out to interesting people she meets, in a bar, on the subway, as a way to commemorate their moment together. As I finish up my second book, a follow up to Encyclopedia of the Exquisite, I’m trying to stay in the moment. When ever I look out of my office window at the languishing garden I see Lisa’s reminder glowing on the window’s ledge. And I try to get back to work….Other times I get distracted by the teeny tiny china tea set sitting on the ledge next to it.

It’s all to say, my world is small right now—window, computer, CE MOMENT, computer, tea set, computer. I’ve just got to stay focussed a little longer. Apologies to any and all who have dropped by the blog over these lean months. I’m hoping to get back to posting here regularly this summer, once I’m in the editing phase. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying CE MOMENT.

Probably the cutest thing I own, bought at an antique store last summer. I love tiny things. I love tea. I love blue & white china.