Meow Mix

Starlet Marian Nixon with her pet leopard, Hollywood, 1925.

As I wind down writing my second book (!), I’m taking some time to go back through my files & to post some of the photos I had hoarded while writing Encyclopedia of the Exquisite. Perhaps you’ll remember the entry on Felines? Well, here are some photos of famous feline lovers, like Josephine Baker and Pola Negri, both mentioned in Encycopedia, as well as a slew of those who weren’t. Please enjoy! Meow, meow.

Pola Negri, 1963.

Phyllis Gordon, with her Kenyan cheetah in the 1930s.

Bette Davis with a feline friend.

Parisian cafe, circa 1930.

La Baker, 1930.

Josephine Baker and her pet cheetah in France, 1930.

Marchesa Luisa Casati in 1912 with her cheetah.