Furoshiki Chic

A few furoshiki wrapping techniques...if you click the image you can see the whole thing, with more after the jump.

The great Japanese art of origami is found in Encyclopedia of the Exquisite, but today I’m interested in its cousin—furoshiki, using square pieces of prettily printed cloth to wrap up packages. During the 1600s, furoshiki, literally meaning ‘bath mat,’ were wrapped around precious relics, scrolls and ceremonial clothing to protect these items from getting scorched by fire. Later they tied up anything that couldn’t fit in a pocket, in the same way a kerchief bundle was used in the West. And today the intricate old bundling techniques are used to wrap gifts.

It’s like giving two gifts in one. Here are some pretty furoshiki I found on etsy.

A furoshiki wrapped gift.

Women examining a furoshiki package.