Kumari of Kathmandu

The Kumari's temple in Kathamandu. She appeared in the top right-side window.

The Kumari’s temple in Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the favorite places I’ve visited, probably because while I was standing in the courtyard the young, kohl-eyed Kumari herself—as described in Encyclopedia of the Exquisite—appeared in the temple window like a scowling, red-lipped Lolita.

Today, as I’m a bit antsy and would rather travel than work at the moment, I revisited Kathmandu, thanks to an amazing website which I go to often. (Too often.) If you haven’t taken the opportunity to check out the 360 degree extravagance available via UNESCO’s world heritage sites online, you should!

This link takes you to the Kumari’s temple courtyard, with its amazing carved wooden facade. The Tibetan mountain passes are spectacular, as is almost everything else. (Here’s a link to the global selection…)